CANSO Members rise to the challenge of ATM: Leading, Integrating, Implementing

23 June 2016

Global leaders of the air traffic management (ATM) industry met in Vancouver at the CANSO Global ATM Summit and 20th Annual General Meeting to discuss the key challenges facing the industry. They discussed measures to further enhance aviation safety, improve collaboration across the aviation industry, and explored the implications of new entrants to airspace. Industry partners from airlines, airports, and air traffic controllers participated and gave their perspectives of the leadership challenges in ATM. The keynote speaker was Dr. Fang Liu, Secretary General of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Dr. Liu told delegates that the interoperability of global airspace management must be improved to ensure that air traffic growth, infrastructure investments, aircraft tracking improvements and cybersecurity risks are sustainably managed. Increased cooperation between ICAO and CANSO will be instrumental toward achieving sustainable and profitable air transport services. She was encouraged by the commitment of States and air navigation service providers (ANSP) towards the implementation of collaborative decision making and air traffic flow management; and appreciative that CANSO and its Members are proactive in implementing performance based navigation.

The Secretary General called on ANSPs to play a greater role in lifting the quality of global air traffic services through deeper collaboration amongst themselves, through CANSO, and with ICAO. She invited ANSPs to participate in regional frameworks for improving and harmonising the quality of air navigation services that have been developed under her stewardship.

Jeff Poole, Director General, CANSO welcomed Dr. Liu's remarks, "CANSO's relationship with ICAO and States is key to our vision to transform the performance of air traffic management globally. States need to invest in modern, efficient ATM to ensure they have the right infrastructure to reap the economic benefits of aviation including: improved connectivity, better access to markets, and tourism; all of which contribute to GDP growth."

The theme of the CANSO Global ATM Summit was "Rising to the Challenge of ATM: Leading Integrating, Implementing". One challenge is how to incorporate new entrants to airspace such as commercial space vehicles, remotely piloted aircraft systems and balloons. Delegates heard from Google's Project Loon, CANSO's newest Member, about its network of balloons that transit through airspace to travel on the edge of space. The balloons are designed to connect people to the internet in remote areas, particularly in developing countries and disaster zones. Other sessions included how CANSO safety programmes, including the SEANS-Safety initiative, are helping to improve safety in ATM; how the industry is implementing airport collaborative decision-making (A-CDM) and the lessons learned thus far; and the issues related to the acquisition and provision of major ATM systems and equipment and how to make them more efficient and cost-effective.

The CANSO Global ATM Summit and 20th Annual General Meeting was hosted by NAV CANADA in Vancouver, Canada, on 20-23 June and was attended by over 220 delegates from around the world. The next Summit and AGM will take place on 12-14 June 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark, kindly hosted by Naviair.



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