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CANSO Releases Its “Introduction to the Aviation System Block Upgrade (ASBU) Modules”

7 January 2014

CANSO has released its “Introduction to the Aviation System Block Upgrade (ASBU) Modules” – a strategic planning framework for the implementation of ASBU modules. The ASBU methodology will set the course of operational improvements and aviation technology investments over the next 20 years. The systematic, measured approach provided by the Block Upgrades and their Modules will greatly assist CANSO in achieving its objective of transforming global ATM performance and achieving safe, seamless and efficient airspace. 

CANSO has been closely involved in the development of the ASBU methodology as a contributing member of the ICAO Technical Team that devised it. CANSO has promoted its acceptance by States during the ICAO 12th Air Navigation Conference in November 2012 and endorsement during the ICAO 38th Assembly as an important part of the Global Air Navigation Plan. 

In recognition of the impact the ASBU methodology will have on global harmonisation, interoperability and optimised ATM services, the implementation of ASBUs plays a significant role in Vision 2020. One of the value creating activities in Vision 2020 is the development of an ASBU implementation guide that would clearly describe the ASBU methodology and the strategic planning process associated with successful implementation of the ASBU modules. 

This document was the result of a collaborative effort involving several CANSO Members contributing to and collaborating with the CANSO Operations Standing Committee. Special thanks go to the MITRE Corporation, which led the effort and provided considerable resources and expertise in drafting the document and to RTCA, SERCO and the Thales Group for their assistance with content and editorial issues. 


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