CANSO to Review ME Regional Strategy

29 July 2014

Following the summer break and the holy month of Ramadan festivities, CANSO Middle East Members will meet in Dubai 7-8 September.

They will review, among other topics, the CANSO Middle East Regional Strategy. This is based on CANSO’s Vision 2020 to transform global ATM performance and create value for Members. The ME Strategy retains and builds on what we have already achieved and commits our resources to re-launch CANSO in the region by demonstrating clear leadership and providing tangible benefits for our Members. 

We will exploit the knowledge of our regional and global Members, and those of our partner organisations to share best practice and to help Members deliver benefits in their own operations and to the region as a whole. 

We will work with our Members and other partners to prioritise and address key issues at the political and operational level. To be successful in our new and stronger lobbying role, we will identify important issues on which CANSO can focus as priority targets and deliverables to help resolve the issues, secure quick wins and gain recognition among key stakeholders as well as the wider civil aviation stakeholder community. 

We will support Members in enhancing and transforming airspace management by providing a regional platform for members and leadership in key initiatives. To achieve this, we will work collaboratively with ICAO MID, IATA, Arab Air Carriers Association (AACO), Arab Civil Aviation Committee (ACAC), other organisations, as well as individual stakeholders, to develop, agree and implement joint regional initiatives. 

We will deliver tangible benefits to current and potential Members through specific projects and initiatives with agreed work plans, responsibilities, timescales and measurable outcomes. 

By implementing our strategy, we will ensure and demonstrate the added value of CANSO to our Members as well as to other stakeholders in the Middle East. We will draw from our global presence and activities, as well as focusing on the provision of added value from within the region. 

We will identify a unique role for CANSO, recognising that CANSO should lead the change in regional ATM in a number of roles – as a driver, facilitator and supporter. 

In addition, the Regional Safety Workgroup is launching a regional survey to appraise the safety set-up and maturity of ANSPs in the region. This will help to discover issues specific to the region and produce common solutions and implementation processes applicable to these issues. A seminar will be held alongside the CANSO Global ATM Safety Conference in the last week of October where the results of the survey will be shared and discussed. 

It is important to emphasise that a successful result can only be achieved through meaningful participation and commitment by the heads and CEOs of regional Members. 

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About the author

Salem Jahdli Director Middle East Affairs

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