CANSO Welcomes New Members to its Executive Committee

1 June 2012

CANSO ExComm 2012

CANSO, the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation, announced the composition of its 2012-2013 Executive Committee (ExCom) at its 16th AGM, hosted by ENAV S.p.A. in Rome.

Three members of the 2011-2012 ExCom stepped down: Carey Fagan (FAA), Ignacio Gonzalez (Aena) and Greg Russell, former CEO of Airservices Australia. Yap Ong Heng (CAAS) moved from Member at Large representative to the Chair of the Asia-Pacific CANSO CEO Committee (APC3). Massimo Garbini (ENAV S.p.A.) moved from Chair of the EC3 to Member at Large representative, but will remain as interim EC3 Chair until a replacement is selected.

The composition of the 2012-2013 ExCom consists of:


  • Paul Riemens, CEO, LVNL

Vice Chairman:

  • Yap Ong Heng, Director General, CAAS

Members at Large:

  • Richard Deakin, CEO, NATS
  • Ed Sims, CEO, Airways New Zealand
  • Rick Ducharme, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, FAA ATO
  • Massimo Garbini, CEO, ENAV S.p.A.

Ex Officio Representatives (CANSO Regional CEO Committee Chairs):

  • Africa (AFC3): Patrick Dlamini, CEO ATNS
  • Asia-Pacific (APC3): Yap Ong Heng, Director General, CAAS
  • Europe (EC3): Massimo Garbini, CEO ENAV S.p.A. (interim)
  • Latin America and Caribbean (LAC3): Micilia Albertus-Verboom, Director General, DC-ANSP
  • Middle East (MEC3): Mohammad Amin Al Mustafa, Chief Commissioner, CARC

Associate Member Representative:

  • Neil Planzer, Vice President ATM, Boeing

CANSO Chairman Paul Riemens said: “I am delighted to be joined by some of the world’s leading ATM thinkers. Together we will take CANSO to the next level and make a positive impact on our industry. I would also like to pay tribute to our outgoing members: Carey, Ignacio and Greg. Their commitment, dedication and determination have helped build CANSO into the influential industry partner it is today.”



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