#CANSOOperations2018: New demands and new horizons for ATM

9 March 2018

Paul Fallow, Head of Service Delivery at Airways New Zealand and member of the CANSO Operations Standing Committee (OSC) Steering Committee, reflects on Day Two of the CANSO Global ATM Operations Conference 2018.

The first day of the CANSO Global ATM Operations Conference 2018 was rich with information providing many areas for overnight thought on new technologies such as drones and remote towers.

Those technologies, although still in the early stages of deployment, are growing rapidly and significantly changing the way we as CANSO Members will need to approach our job of keeping the flying community of the world safe.

Heading into the second day, delegates were feeling confident on which way we, as an industry, were headed. Then a guest speaker was introduced who would make us realise there was yet more to consider.

Cristobal Peran Estepa, Managing Director of Altran ID, delivered an insightful presentation on the need for meaningful innovation using "applied creativity that brings value" in all industries. And offered a timely warning of the potential consequences if organisations do not.

This area of thought followed through to the third panel of the conference, looking at how future aircraft technology will affect and drive ATM ground technology and procedures. Aircraft manufacturers, support organisations and pilot representatives all gave their views on where airborne capability was heading and highlighted the ways in which ANSPs can and need to respond.

The word collaboration and alignment seemed to be a predominant theme in these discussions, and the message bears repeating. Collaboration is necessary to ensure the effective delivery of meaningful benefits to all aviation stakeholders.

The final workshop lead by Steve Angus, Executive General Manager ANS at Airservices Australia, was a very interactive session where he posed a number of pointed questions about the industry and our current ideas for the future. This challenged a lot of our traditional thinking and generated much discussion and thoughts that will be taken away for further deliberation.

As the event drew to a close participants were left reflecting on the tremendous success of the conference and wealth of information that was shared and dissected. The panellists and speakers left delegates quite satisfied that they understood where we are heading as an industry and made it clear that the doors for innovation should always be left open.

More information about the conference programme and content is available on the event page. If you would like to find out more about forthcoming CANSO events, view the global CANSO event calendar.



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About the author

Paul Fallow, Head of Service Delivery at Airways New Zealand and member of the CANSO Operations Standing Committee (OSC) Steering Committee

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