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#CANSOsafety2017: Why sharing safety data is key to improving ATM performance

6 November 2017

CANSO Global ATM Safety Conference 2017

Openly discussing the safety performance data of air navigation service providers (ANSPs) means we can better understand the data, look for ways to improve it but most importantly stimulate the sharing of challenges and lessons learned to improve our safety performance. New and unique sessions at the CANSO Global ATM Safety Conference 2017 have provided that opportunity to participating ANSPs.
WOW - what a great first day at the CANSO Global ATM Safety Conference 2017 in Sydney, kicking off with discussions on recent safety performance data. These sessions were a first for CANSO ANSP Members who participated in the latest CANSO safety performance benchmarking exercises and signed data identification agreements to share their safety information in an open, transparent and non-judgmental forum.  

So what did we achieve?

No question, clear advancements in expanding the sharing of safety data were made, but more importantly, new ways to stimulate the sharing of internationally recognised safety best practices were also discussed.  
We learned about the strengths in our approaches to understanding our safety performance in light of the global data but also the areas where further improvement and refinement are required – including the need for new, leading safety indicators.  

Whether it was a discussion on IFR-IFR losses of separation, runway incursions or the CANSO Standard of Excellence in Safety Management Systems (SMS) Maturity assessments, the delegates believe that we have made great strides. But we also recognised that more work is needed to expand our understanding of safety performance at not only the ANSP level, but in greater detail and a better level of comparability – perhaps from the FIR, terminal control or airport perspective.
In addition, we were introduced to a new interactive methodology, which allowed all participants to inject their views on a multitude of questions and comparative analyses.

Overall, participants felt these sessions were a great start to sharing and understanding the safety performance measures and would like to see this forum continue at future conferences. But what they would also really like to see is more CANSO ANSP members joining us next year at these sessions. After all, the more data we have, the more valuable will be the lessons we learn, so please take part in the CANSO safety benchmarking next year and consider sharing your identified data with us.
This was certainly a great start to the week. We learned a lot, made some new friends and continued or perhaps for some, began to expand our networks of safety leaders that will help us both today and in the future to continue to improve aviation safety in our ANSPs and globally.  

View the full CANSO Global ATM Safety Conference 2017 programme here, and watch for further blog updates.



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Larry Lachance, Vice President, Safety and Quality, NAV CANADA and Member, Safety Standing Committee Steering Committee, CANSO

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