Charting the Course of ATM in the Asia Pacific

17 May 2018

This year marks 10 years since the set-up of CANSO Asia Pacific. It now has a community of 22 air navigation service providers (ANSPs) benefitting from the ATM initiatives and collaborative activities facilitated by the regional office. At the upcoming CANSO Asia Pacific Conference 2018, senior industry executives and leading innovators will be 'Charting the Course of ATM in the Asia Pacific'.

Air traffic in the Asia Pacific is growing rapidly. 14 out of the world's 20 busiest international routes are between destinations in the Asia Pacific. This is not surprising, given that Asia Pacific handles 34% of the world's air traffic.

With strong projected growth for the next two decades, many Asia Pacific ANSPs are rising to tackle this expected growth. Many have in place ambitious plans to strengthen infrastructure, improve operations, and boost ATM capabilities.

Innovation and technology will be critical to allow Asia Pacific ANSPs to manage the air traffic growth safely and efficiently. There are already many projects ongoing. Space-based ADS-B, smart towers, SWIM, ATFM and other new technologies and procedures will substantially improve ANSP services. Just over the horizon lie artificial intelligence, automation, free routes and other transformational technologies. Yet, for all this promise, innovation and technology come at a cost and must satisfy regulatory requirements. New concepts of operations will need to be developed to realize the potential of these technologies. New risks will emerge, such as cyber-security.

China's journey towards ATM modernization is particularly impressive. It is one of the largest ANSPs in the Asia Pacific and is managing one of the fastest growing markets in terms of annual additional passengers over the next two decades. Our special guest speaker from ATMB/CAAC will share the vision and strategy on how China will cope with aviation growth.

In the Asia Pacific region, opportunities will abound, but the risks can be treacherous. Collectively, as ANSPs, industry, government, and researchers, we have the experience, perspectives and resources to safely navigate the future. Come join us at the CANSO Asia Pacific Conference 2018 to hear the leaders and offer your voice on how we can chart the future of ATM in this dynamic region.

To find out more about the CANSO Asia Pacific Conference 2018 or to register, visit the event page.

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Kevin Shum, Director-General of CAAS and Chair, CANSO Asia Pacific

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