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The Chilean Civil Aviation Authority and Indra complete modernisation of five air traffic control centers

4 August 2016

Indra, a global technology and consultancy firm and one of the world's leading developers of technological solutions for aviation, and the Chilean Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC in its Spanish acronym) have completed the modernization of en route control centers at Iquique, Puerto Montt and Punta Arenas, as well as approach control centers at Concepción and Antofagasta. It has also deployed simulators to support continuous air traffic controller training at Iquique and Puerto Montt.

Indra has equipped all of these centers with its advanced air transit management system, designed to handle traffic in even the most complex air spaces, such as Europe. The system furnishes the DGAC with outstanding safety and efficiency standards.

The Indra technological solution also significantly automates control tasks. For example, it features flight plan management tools, automatic flight monitoring systems, safety networks, medium-term transit prediction tools, and much more. The system merges information from monitoring systems (Radars, MLAT/WAM, ADS), flight plans, direction finders and air-ground data link messaging systems (ADS/CPDLC), displaying information to controllers to help them manage flights.

Deployment of the system will help reduce the separation distance required between aircraft, thus driving up Chilean airspace capacity. The system also allows aircraft to select the shortest routes in order to cut fuel consumption and environmental impact. All of which has been achieved while also making for safer aviation operations. The system supports automatic coordination between national and international control centers, which allows for faster flight transfers.
These capabilities will allow Chile to manage air transit control services more efficiently, helping to ensure strict compliance among air traffic controllers.

Virtual training

Meanwhile, as part of its partnership with the DGAC, Indra has deployed simulation systems at the Iquique and Puerto Montt control centers to support continuous training for controllers.

The simulator is a duplicate of the real system, meaning training can be run with absolute realism while in a safe environment. It also serves as a backup system if required, and can act as a test platform before installing new software versions for software used at control centers.

The training system includes controller, pilot and supervisor positions, as well as a set of tools that can be used to create and evaluate training exercises, which are fully configurable.

Indra is one of the leading providers of air traffic management systems in the world, and has installed its systems at more than 4,000 facilities in 160 countries. In Latin America it has deployed systems in Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Bahamas, Paraguay and Brazil. Furthermore, the entire Central American airspace is managed using its systems.

In Europe, Indra works closely with air navigation service providers in Spain (ENAIRE), the United Kingdom (NATS), Germany (DFS) and Holland (LVNL), among others. In partnership with these it has developed the latest generation iTEC system, which will manage one in three flights in Europe by 2020. Indra is also one of the main partners in the SESAR multinational program, providing the technological foundations on which the future Single European Sky will be built. The expertise and know-how generated by Indra's involvement in the world's most ambitious air traffic control technology projects is also set to benefit other clients.

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