COMSOFT’s AIM Solution Installed for Skyguide

6 February 2014

COMSOFT’ AIXM5.1 database CADAS-AIMDB was installed for skyguide, in order to replace the Swiss ANSPs current data management system and ensure the long-term viability of its Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) business. skyguide selected COMSOFT for the replacement of their current system, located in Duebendorf, Switzerland, due to their vast knowledge in software development and ability to adapt their product to specific customer demands. 

The Data Management Platform Project (DMP-CH) was initiated by skyguide AIM services in 2010 as part of their Aeronautical Data Management Service (ADMS) programme that will implement data centric, digital data services covering the complete data chain. The programme will also enable the implementation of reliable, efficient and sustainable AIM services compliant with the upcoming ADQ legislation. COMSOFT extended the CADAS-AIMDB to make it capable of mapping AIXM 5.1 data to and from AIXM4.5, and ARINC424. In order to fulfil skyguide`s specific operational requirements further developments and enhancements are planned. 

COMSOFT’s rock-solid back end solution now flawlessly handles skyguide’s data management since being put into operation in March 2013, and currently the DPM-CH system is being further extended by COMSOFT in view of the EAD migration which is planned for summer 2014.



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