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COMSOFT AMHS active for the Polish Military

16 December 2013

The Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland have successfully put into operation COMSOFT’s market-leading AIDA-NG and complimentary CADAS solutions, ensuring innovative air traffic communication for the Polish Military. 

With the modern and ICAO compliant system now fully operational, the Polish Military ANSP, Siły Zbrojne Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej, (SZRP) can continue their on-going goals to meet the increasing demands of their service. The ability to access centrally stored ATC data like flight plans as well as upcoming XML based data formats are a positive step towards future centralised message handling. 

Colonel Janusz Urban, Project Manager for SZRP, was quick to voice his pleasure with the system’s operational use stating: “We are extremely happy with COMSOFT’s AMHS solution and are working very hard to expand our system with briefing functionality. The seamless deployment of the system is a credit to COMSOFT, as well as the mutual support from our respective teams, and its operational use will benefit our stringent military requirements.” 

The maturity of the German expert’s AIDA-NG solution, along with its proven CADAS terminal, now ensures the Polish Military are set for future operational challenges. Additionally, the decision for SZRP to advance their systems highlights their support of the new AMHS standard of digital data transmission, using XML-based formats AIXM 5.1 and Flight Information Exchange Model (FIXM). 



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