COMSOFT Brings Tanzania a Step Closer to Achieving ATC Modernisation

11 March 2014

DAR ES SALAAM/Tanzania, March 2014 – Flawless Factory Acceptance for COMSOFT’s Quadrant ADS-B technology and AIDA-NG solution were completed in unison by Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) experts at the start of February, completing the first step towards their goal for increased flight safety. 

TCAA Director Charles Chacha noted that modern, non-radar based surveillance is a real benefit for the East African Country and Africa as a whole, stating: “These new technologies have a lot of benefits for our country due to their ability to cover a much wider area than conventional radar, which is not sufficient.” 

Chief Air Navigation Engineer, Valentina Kayombo went on to express satisfaction with the project’s latest milestone stating: “COMSOFT’s proven track record in these domains led us to trust in its abilities and we have not been disappointed. The joint effort of both COMSOFT and TCAA staff has been commendable and the thorough and prompt completion of this stage has only increased our confidence in the project delivery.” 

Tanzania’s installation of the Quadrant technology will make it one of the few African countries to implement this precise, cost-effective ADS-B surveillance solution – noted by ICAO as a key product for future ATM surveillance. In choosing AIDA-NG Tanzania is expertly preparing for future air traffic management services. 

In the next stage the AMHS hub of the German expert’s market-leading AIDA-NG solution and the central portion of the ADS-B surveillance equipment will be installed at TCAA’s ATC centre in Dar Es Salaam, while easy to use flight planning CADAS terminals and Quadrant sensors will be distributed countrywide at remote locations. 

Valentina Kayombo added: “We are looking forward to COMSOFT bringing Tanzania in line with the latest ATC standards, transforming the way we transmit data by switching to AMHS and significantly reducing the maintenance costs of old radar systems with ADS-B technology.” 

COMSOFT’s flagship product AIDA-NG is the only messaging implementation on the market that provides fully integrated and uniform message handling facilities for any aeronautical data such as AFTN/CIDIN/AMHS/OLDI/AIDC/SITA or binary MET data. COMSOFT’s Quadrant is an expandable, integrated solution providing independent, genuine 3D, position measurement using multilateration techniques. It embodies a perfect trade-off between a high level of performance and reliability, coupled with low investment costs.



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