COMSOFT Completes Egypt’s Important AIM Modernisation

16 May 2014

Egypt’s National Air Navigation Services Company (NANSC) have successfully completed the upgrade of their Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) with German specialist COMSOFT, allowing them to meet the increasing demands of Egypt’s air traffic. 

The successful roll out of COMSOFT’s AIM solution marks the completion of a significant contract for NANSC, which included upgrades to all of Egypt’s international airports, ensuring they fully comply with the latest ICAO requirements, while enabling highly efficient aeronautical data management workflows. COMSOFT’s renowned CADAS AIM solution now forms the core service for a wide range of aeronautical products and services, in line with AIXM5.1 and including AIP publications, briefing and NOTAM operations, while guaranteeing full backwards compatibility. The main AIM system, installed at Cairo Air Navigation Centre (CANC), is now connected countrywide to all of Egypt's five major airports Aswan, Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Luxor and Alexandria, as well as all nine other domestic airports in the country. 

COMSOFT and NANSC have had a strong working relationship since 2008 when NANSC first began the modernisation of their ATM architecture with AMHS. In 2012 the Egyptian ANSP also chose COMSOFT's FPL 2012 converter to allow the conversion from old to new flight plan formats, in support of the ICAO driven FPL2012 migration. 

NANSC Project Director Mahmoud Ramadan noted this six-year-long partnership as a benefit to the project stating: "The already strong working relationship between COMSOFT and NANSC staff was a key to the completion of this project, as was COMSOFT’s continued support and commitment towards NANSC’s goals for enhanced AIM.”

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