COMSOFT Increases Surveillance for Isavia’s Expanding Air Traffic

30 October 2013

Isavia has successfully reached Site Acceptance with COMSOFT’s latest Surveillance Data Distribution System (SDDS-NG) for the enhancement of Iceland’s air traffic. 

Isavia elected German expert COMSOFT for their in depth knowledge and long standing experience in exceptional surveillance equipment, in order to provide outstanding, accurate and reliable surveillance to one of the largest airspaces in the world. 

SDDS-NG is the surveillance data conversion and distribution system from COMSOFT to facilitate a uniform connection of all Icelandic surveillance sensors using the ASTERIX standard. It was designed and developed to cover complete surveillance requirements, while full compliance with current safety standards was also recognised. Security issues also played a key part in its design with an enhanced Linux Kernel at its core and a checksum mechanism to protect against manipulation. 

The surveillance solution consists of two main components, the Surveillance Data Communication Processor (SDCP), and the System Monitoring and Control (SMC), which are both interconnected via an internal LAN. 

The Isavia project also includes the provision of ESMS (Control & Monitoring), and RAPS-3. With the addition of COMSOFT’s RAPS-3 the Icelandic ANSP can also perform powerful and versatile validation, analysis and assessment of the surveillance data output from their conventional radar sources as well as their countrywide ADS-B network, which was also recently provided by COMSOFT. 

With the installation of COMSOFT systems surveillance to Iceland’s huge airspace can be intensified to meet the increasing demands of their service, safely tackling growing air traffic numbers, as their annual tourist figures continue to exceed residents. 

COMSOFT GmbH was established in 1979 and has been active in the ATC domain for over 20 years. Today the company’s expertise covers a vast proportion of the modern ATM industry, providing market-leading products, including innovative surveillance and communication solutions such as ADS-B and Multilateration sensors. 

The continuous development of current technologies is a permanent focus in order to support customers’ needs with cutting edge solutions. 



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