COMSOFT to Transform Estonian Air Traffic Surveillance

26 August 2014

The Air Navigation Service Provider of Estonia (EANS) has chosen German expert COMSOFT to supply advanced ARTAS to modify their surveillance systems in order to sustain the safety and quality of their services as air traffic volume in the region increases.

 ARTAS is EUROCONTROL’s ATM Surveillance Tracker which has evolved over the decades to become Europe’s standard Tracker. Designed to establish an accurate air situation picture over a well-defined geographical area and distribute the relevant surveillance information to a community of user systems, ARTAS is now one of the most advanced and well-established data processing and distribution systems in the world. EANS manages both domestic and international air traffic in Tallinn TMA and Flight Information Region, which covers the airspace over Estonian territory and some assigned segments over the high seas. 

Tourism for Estonia has increased for four consecutive years so far up to 2013 and, with demand continuing, further accurate surveillance techniques are essential for capacity growth. COMSOFT and EANS have worked together on three previous projects since 2009 and in the next move COMSOFT will not only provide the turnkey supply of ARTAS but also its Network Management System (CNMS), for early error detection and troubleshooting, and its next generation of Surveillance Data Distribution System (SDDS-NG) – a highly versatile system for the exchange, conversion and distribution of any kind of surveillance data in heterogeneous ATC/ATM environments. 

Tanel Rautits, CEO of EANS said: “We first selected COMSOFT in 2009 for their electronic Aeronautical Information Publishing (eAIP) solution based on their aeronautical database CADAS-AIMDB. Subsequent extension projects included the addition of electronic input forms (eIF) and the supply of CADAS-AIS which are further aiding our information management enhancements. COMSOFT’s professionalism and expertise has continuously ensured us that we are in safe hands and we are more than pleased to be continuing this reliable working relationship. By Implementing ARTAS we hope to increase capacity while improving flight safety and the quality of our services"



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