30 January 2014

German ATC expert COMSOFT has been contracted to perform Centralised ARTAS Maintenance and Support Service (CAMOS) Amendment 10, for the progression of EUROCONTROL’s state-of-the-art ARTAS tracker. 

ARTAS is an ATM Surveillance Tracker and Server which, over the years and continuous improvements, became Europe’s standard tracker and one of the most advanced and mature surveillance data processing systems worldwide. The key to the success of ARTAS is CAMOS, for which COMSOFT became EUROCONTROL’s first industrial partner in 2001, and has been enjoying the user community’s appreciation and backing ever since. CAMOS was launched in order to support ARTAS users in Europe in the areas of problem resolution, change requests, hotline support and on-site support. 

COMSOFT also perform turnkey supply of ARTAS systems along with fine tuning and training. The final functional enhancements and new developments for contract Amendment 10 will include integration of a new user interface, resulting in ARTAS V8B3, catering also to the needs of the CASCADE programme. 

Since 2001 COMSOFT has been providing their expert knowledge and long standing experience with ARTAS to aptly enhance the software, ensuring a continuous and high quality service, for the ever growing community of ARTAS users who attend thrice yearly user meetings and benefit from annual software releases. ARTAS has experienced many demands regarding functionality, quality and safety in order to meet future operational challenges. From the start the software was subject to a multitude of improvements and enhancements, carried out by COMSOFT, proving the German expert’s skills in product development while reinforcing the ARTAS software assurance level.



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