Czech Republic air navigation service provider signs contract with Indra Navia to upgrade the GAREX VCCS for Prague Control Center to include VoIP

2 March 2018

The air navigation service provider of the Czech Republic (ANS CR) has signed a contract with Indra Navia for the upgrade of the existing GAREX 220 Voice Communication Control System (VCCS) at Prague Control Center. The upgrade includes Voice over IP (VoIP) interfaces for radio and telephony, in addition to a controller working position (CWP) expansion.

Our experience with the current GAREX system is only the best, with high performance year after year. We are very pleased with the support we get from Indra Navia and the upgrade offers the highest economical and technical advantage for ANS CR," says Mr. Jaroslav Bena, Division Director for ANS Planning and Development Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic.

ANS CR will upgrade their existing system with 58 new controller working positions and new generation hardware and software to include VoIP. Prague Control Center will be in full operation during the upgrade, ensuring a smooth transition to the new system.

The GAREX 220 is a result of more than 50 years of continuous innovation and experience delivering 270 systems to customers all over the world. The system is built on a single hardware and software platform, making the solution simple, flexible and scalable. This makes it easy and cost-effective for ANS CR to adapt to future requirements, without having to assume the risk of replacing the entire infrastructure.

Eldar Hauge, the President and CEO at Indra Navia comments, "We have been working together with ANS CR for more than 25 years and have now started a new project for an upgrade of the previous generation GAREX system delivered in 2006. The contract with ANS CR is an important milestone in an ongoing development of our world-class GAREX VoIP VCCS system."



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