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DSNA Consolidates its Air Navigation Service in the Lower Airspace

12 November 2013

The transfer of approach control service from the Perpignan operational unit to the Montpellier operational unit has been successfully implemented since October 17, 2013.

In the South of France, the Montpellier operational unit has provided 24 hour approach control service to four commercial airports - Montpellier, Nîmes, Béziers and Perpignan - within a controlled airspace of 150 Nm x 100 Nm since October17, 2013. After four years of studies, the success of this complex project has resulted from the sustained efforts of DSNA services at the national and local level, and from efficient cooperation with both DSNA’s military partners and with general aviation users. 

Due to its size and its aeronautical history, France has a dense network of airports that’s unique in Europe, thus stimulating the regional economy. DSNA counts 33 approach control centres and provides aerodrome control service for 81 airports. The ten largest airports handle about 85% of all commercial flights, whereas the others handle fewer flights with many constraints in terms of service continuity and time windows. Furthermore, commercial activity is weak at airports working with a single operator. 

The transfer of approach control service from Perpignan to Montpellier is an example of DSNA’s efforts to consolidate air navigation service and to manage the economic fluctuations of air transport with greater efficiency. DSNA aims to provide the best service at the best cost by optimising the use of its human resources, both qualitatively and quantitatively, by fine-tuning the level of the ATCO’s qualifications according to control center activity and by maintaining their skills with heavy traffic. 

Maurice Georges, director of the French Air Navigation Service Provider (DSNA), said: “Implementing a more efficient organisation of our air traffic management in the lower airspace is our objective so that the French model can offer quality and competitive services to all our operational partners and customers”.



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