Dubai Air Navigation Services selects European smart recruitment tool

16 May 2016

Dubai Air Navigation Services (dans), the air navigation services provider for Dubai and the Northern Emirates, announced during its participation in the UAE Careers fair the implementation of the "First European Air Traffic Controller Selection Tool "(FEAST) as its preferred candidate selection tool to recruit and select candidates aspiring to  become Air Traffic Control Officers (ATCO). While FEAST is run and managed by Eurocontrol, dans is the first air navigation services provider and organisation in the aviation sector in the UAE and the Middle East to implement the tool in its recruitment structure outside the parameters of Europe.

The implementation of FEAST comes as a proactive initiative from dans following the leadership of HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman of Dubai Airports, President of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Chairman and CEO of Emirates Group, Chairman of Dubai Air Navigation Services, in compliance with his guidance to ensure air safety is maintained across all operational levels related to efficient air space and air traffic management. And as a result, dans is proactively recruiting the right candidates to become air traffic control officers capable of successfully managing  safe and efficient air traffic management flow around the clock.

FEAST is a smart digital tool developed exclusively to test the unique skill-set required to be identified in a candidate that makes them eligible to become an air traffic control officer. Candidates applying to pursue a career in air traffic management with Dubai Air Navigation Services will undergo a series of psychometric tests during three phases over a period of two weeks, where their cognitive abilities, multi-tasking skills, personality traits and English language skills will be tested. All such skills are crucial and required to make a successful air traffic control officer. In addition, candidates will be tested in specific areas such as planning traffic and detecting and solving air traffic conflict.

Ibrahim Ahli, Chief Operating Officer at dans stated: "Following the guidance of HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman of Dubai Airports, President of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Chairman and CEO of Emirates Group, Chairman of Dubai Air Navigation Services (dans),and under the leadership of H.E. Mohammed A. Ahli, Director General of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and the CEO of Dubai Air Navigation Services on Smart Government initiatives, as a Government organisation we have proactively transformed our recruitment and selection process to become a fully digitalised hub through the implementation of FEAST".  Moreover, Abdulla Al Hashmi, Vice President of Operations at dans added: "After thorough research and several benchmarking activities across tools specialised to analyse skills and traits required for air traffic control officers, FEAST is the most efficient solution available at the moment". Furthermore, Masooma Jaffry, Head of Human Resources department at dans stated: "ATCOs have a unique skill set and personality traits that make them successful and efficient in their job, and through the implementation of this tool we have confidence that the most suitable candidates will be selected to join the organisation’s reputable team".

Since FEAST is a digital platform, results are calculated immediately the applicant completes the test, therefore enabling the selection of candidates to be efficient, quick and time savvy. The results provide an in-depth analysis and detailed information about the candidates’ abilities, therefore ensuring the right candidates are selected and invited for the final phase of interviews.

As dans has joined the FEAST User Group, which brings together all organisations in the global aviation sector implementing the tool, a team from dans Human Resources and Training and development departments was trained by Eurocontrol’s FEAST team on the usage and implementation of the tool, enabling them to efficiently utilise the tool to test and select applicants striving to pursue a career in the air traffic management sector from the United Arab Emirates.

The organisation has devised a unique National Development Program to recruit and train Emiratis to become air traffic control officers on both ab initio and graduate levels. Air traffic control officers in dans managed a daily average of 1,500 air traffic movements at Dubai Airports in 2015, as Dubai Airports hosted more than 78,000,000 international passengers last year, and they are also amongst the world’s most experienced and manage the world’s biggest fleet of A380s present inside Dubai International Airport (DXB) and that is owned and operated by Emirates Airlines.

Dubai Air Navigation Services is the air navigation services provider that manages the Dubai and Northern Emirates airspace. dans also provides air navigation services for airport authorities and numerous prestigious airlines, including the World’s busiest airport in terms of international passenger numbers, Dubai International Airport(DXB).

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