Easat Radar Systems Ltd

Organisation overview

Easat Radar Systems Ltd is the air traffic management industry's sole radar systems OEM with full in-house manufacturing capability: from pedestals & antennas to complete radar systems. This ensures high-confidence of equipment quality & long-term reliability to keep your capital costs and operational expenses within reason. All our equipment and systems are fully ICAO and Eurocontrol compliant and have been developed with the global market in mind.

Our range of cost-effective, compact, and modern radar systems includes normal and long-range (up to 120NM) S-band primary radar (ASR/PSR), Mode-S secondary surveillance radar (MSSR), X-band surface movement radar (SMR), and redundant ADS-B ground stations & systems. Transportable versions are ideal solutions to fill radar coverage gaps, as emergency backups, or to provide temporary coverage.

Since 1987, we have supplied equipment for over 500 sites in 60 countries as a trusted tier-one supplier of radar antennas to major radar systems integrators such as Airbus, Indra, Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon Systems, and Thales, among others. Furthermore, our OEM radar equipment has been supplied to civil ANSP and military clients worldwide including FAA (USA), NATS (UK), Kazakhstan CAA, PANSA (Poland), KOCA (South Korea), AENA (Spain), and the Indonesian Air Force.

Please contact us to discuss your complete new radar systems procurement plans or needs for partial replacement/upgrades of old existing equipment. We will be happy to help.



Membership type: Associate Member
Membership status: Silver Member
CEO: Mr. James Long
Head office: Unit 1, Jubilee Site, Ivy house Rd. STI 3NR Stroke-on-Trent
Country: United Kingdom
Telephone number: +44 1782 208 028
Fax number: +44 1782 208 060
Website : www.easat.co.uk

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