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Egypt improves workflow automation with electronic AIP

23 October 2014

Egypt’s National Air Navigation Services Company (NANSC) have successfully added COMSOFT’s electronic document management system CADAS-EPS to their repertoire, for automatic creation of their digital documentation.

CADAS-EPS, previously GroupVerve from Synclude, is a collaborative document management system specially designed for aeronautical information publications such as AIP, supplements and circulars, and is an essential tool for modern AIS offices around the world. It is also a crucial landmark in the migration from AIS to AIM according to the ICAO Roadmap. 

CADAS-EPS is ready for configuration to comply with European Regulation EC 73/2010, commonly known as AIS Data Quality (ADQ), and as an immediate consequence NANSC will benefit from vastly increased workflow automation for the management, editing and publishing of their aeronautical information documentation, while guaranteeing no reduction in data quality.

COMSOFT and NANSC benefit from a strong working relationship which began in 2008 with the modernisation of their ATM architecture with AMHS. In 2012 the Egyptian ANSP also chose COMSOFT's FPL 2012 converter for the conversion from old to new flight plan formats, in support of the ICAO driven FPL2012 migration, and in May 2014 completed an Aeronautical Information Management project with COMSOFT’s CADAS AIM at its core.

NANSC Project Director Mahmoud Ramadan noted the unbroken bond with COMSOFT stating: "NANSC is systematically ensuring full compliance with the latest ICAO requirements, while providing highly efficient aeronautical data management workflows, and COMSOFT is a superb partner working with us to achieve our goals for enhanced AIM and greater efficiency."

The EUROCONTROL Specification for the electronic Aeronautical Information Publication (eAIP) covers the Aeronautical Information Publications (AIPs), AIP Amendments (AMDTs), AIP Supplements (SUPs) and Aeronautical Information Circulars (AICs).  The COMSOFT solution is fully compatible with European standards and its integrated and easy-to-manage eAIP production environment, single-click publication and seamless interoperation with legacy systems have already won over many ANSPs in various ICAO regions including Estonian Air Navigation Services, CORPAC Peru, Vietnam Air Traffic Management Corporation and Libyan Civil Aviation Authority.

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