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ENAC to support human resources in Indonesia

30 September 2016

The Head of Human Resources Development of Transportation Agency (BPSDMP), Mr. Wahyu Satrio Utomo signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the Implementation of Human Resource Development (HRD) in the air transportation sector with the President of Ecole Nationale de L'Aviation Civile (ENAC), Mr. Marc Houalla on Friday, 16th of September 2016, at Merdeka Hall BPSDM East, Jakarta, Indonesia.

This MoU confirms the development of ENAC (Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile) in the ASEAN zone in which ENAC has already signed two training agreements with the Indonesian Air Navigation Service Providers (Air Nav Indonesia) and PT Angkasa Pura II.  

The latter cooperation includes providing education and training of the human resources in air transport and, in particular, the following items:

  • 1/ Aviation Safety Training for transportation ministry staff
  • 2/ Training of DGCA inspectors according to EASA regulations.
  • 3/ Convergence of indonesian Pilot and ATCO training towards EASA regulations
  • 4/ Training of lecturers and instructors in accordance with international standards as well as improving quality standards at the Aviation School in Indonesia (STPI).

The Head of Human Resource Development for Transportation Agencies (HRDTA), Mr. Utomo, also known as Tommy, explained that with the rapid development of the aviation industry, the Ministry of Transportation (BPSDMP) must continue to increase the capabilities of its human resources.
“We hope that the educational program of ENAC namely Master Degree Programmes, Institutional Cooperation Programmes, and Transfer of Knowledge or Technology to the faculty at the air transport school will soon be realized," said Tommy.
Tommy said HRDTA chose ENAC as its cooperation partner because he wanted to improve the standards of lecturers and instructors in accordance with international standards as well as improving quality standards at its Aviation School in Indonesia (STPI).
"We will send 2 people from each department at STPI starting next year and also develop short courses for the management of academic and flight institutions such that the governance of STPI will improve and be able to produce better quality graduates," said Tommy.
Tommy explains the annual growth in air traffic will be around 70 aircraft in Indonesia. The development of airports was the result of rapid growth of air traffic.  As such, qualified and professional air transport human resources are much needed.
"In this case, the ability of the human resources to handle the increased load has to be improved in order to improve aviation safety," said Tommy.
To meet these demands, it needs the support from all parties to have a positive impact on aviation safety in Indonesia.
"Such support not only come from domestic but also from international organizations such as EASA, FAA, CAA, and others, and now we are working together with ENAC," said Tommy.
BPSDMP is the governance body responsible for human resource development through aviation education and flight training to increase flight safety. Thus, Tommy stated that the cooperation between BPSDM and ENAC is urgently needed to support the development of air transportation in Indonesia.
Before the signing, Mr. Houalla have visited STPI and Mr. Houalla expressed his admiration for the quality of facilities and infrastructure at STPI.
"Hopefully in the future, the lecturers at the STPI may soon follow our programs," said Mr. Houalla.

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