ENAIRE advances in harmonising the provision of air navigation services with Algeria, France, Morocco and Portugal

14 March 2016

ENAIRE, the public air navigation manager in Spain, has ratify the agreement AEFMP MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) together with its equivalent companies in Algeria, France, Morocco and Portugal as well as with the Civil Aviation authorities of these countries. The act, which took place at the ENAIRE stand during World ATM Congress in Madrid, represents another step forward in harmonising the provision of air navigation services in these five European and African countries.

With the ratification of this agreement, the parties renew their commitment to continue working together to facilitate optimal use of airspace, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety in line with the latest requirements and initiatives in place, such as the project to create the Single European Sky.

The AEFMP is composed by the air navigation services providers of the countries signing this agreement (Algeria, France, Morocco, Portugal and Spain) and supported by their Civil Aviation authorities. The aim of the AEFMP is to harmonise the cited services thanks to interchange of data, and to share resources.

The ratification of the AEFMP MoU represents an update to the agreement which regulates the activities undertaken by the group. The details of the AEFMP MoU were validated on 19 January in Lisbon, during the 14th meeting of the Steering Committee, the supreme decision-making body of the group.

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