ENAV Invests in Satellite

7 January 2014

The Company is a partner in the first global satellite system for air traffic management 

20 December 2013: ENAV, the Italian Air Navigation Services Provider, with an investment of $61 million has acquired 12.5% of AIREON, a U.S. Company - part of the IRIDIUM Group - that, by 2018, will create the first global satellite surveillance system for air traffic management. 

ENAV took a stake in the capital of AIREON in partnership with NAV CANADA, a Canadian service provider with a 51% stake, IAA and NAVIAIR, Irish and Danish service providers respectively - each holding a 6% stake, while the remaining 24.5% is still held by IRIDIUM.

 The agreement includes a key role for ENAV in the development of the service for Mediterranean area and South-East Asia - an area in which it is already operating through its controlled company in Kuala Lumpur, ENAV Asia-Pacific. 

The first satellites of the new surveillance platform for air traffic management and control will be launched in 2015, while the service will be fully operational by 2018. With a constellation of 66 orbiting satellites, the identity, position and altitude of any aircraft worldwide can be determined. Areas monitored by these satellites include those covered by oceans and deserts as well as the poles, which are all currently lacking surveillance and hence an active control over flights. 

Through this technology, air traffic can be improved and routes optimised, while achieving the highest levels of flight safety and efficiency. By means of new routes, significant amounts of fuel will be cut, thus leading to savings for airlines and a reduced impact on the environment. 

ENAV -commented Massimo Garbini, Company CEO- is participating in an investment that will change the history of air traffic control and place our Company on the global market. My view is that this diversification shall increase ENAV's value, broadening the horizons of the Company's business.



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