ERA and JSC LEMZ R&P Corp. Prepares Sochi Airport for the Winter Olympics

20 November 2013

The ERA MSS system installed at the Sochi International Airport went officially operational in November to ensure the future safety of thousands of participants flying to the Caucasus region of Russia as part of the 2014 Olympic Games. 

The city of Sochi is preparing for the 2014 Winter Olympics with its success representing an immense challenge for the airport operations. The passenger growth with an upswing in aircraft movements is expected to rise heading towards the event. The safety concerns in the face of expanding volumes have become a critical consideration. Sochi International Airport needs improved airport surveillance and thus the ATM officials decided to deploy systems which could leverage next-generation technologies based on multilateration and ADS-B to provide a complete solution for the airport guidance system. 

ERA signed the Contract for MSS delivery to Sochi in 2010 partly thanks to a reference about its system used for Domodedovo Airport in Moscow. In cooperation with the customer, the Russian company JSC LEMZ R&P Corp., ERA installed its Multi-sensor Surveillance System (MSS) for surface airport surveillance and underwent the SAT during the summer season of 2013. The system consists of ground stations, including receiving stations, receiving and reference monitoring stations, dual receiving stations, receiving transmitting stations, reference monitoring stations. In addition, Sochi Airport can utilise SQUIDs by ERA, these being the small ADS-B squitter beacons which continuously broadcast the exact position of all ground vehicles and minimise the risk of collisions. 

ERA was the first company to complete its part of the airport reconstruction in terms of safety improvements as demonstrated on the controlling day of on-going preparations as part of the visit of Alexander Vasilyevich Neradko, Director of the State Civil Aviation Authority of Russia and First Deputy Minister of Transport. The Russian President Vladimir Putin in person also visited Sochi to check on the stadium's building process. ERA technicians tracked the route of his flight and the airplane exact position using the newly deployed surveillance system as part of the SAT testing.




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