ERA launches new product ERIS - the alternative ATM and ATC system for medium-sized airports

28 March 2019

ERA Company (a member of OMNIPOL group), along with its subsidiary R-SYS, presented ERIS-A, the new ATM and ATC system for ground surveillance and control at medium-sized and regional airports for the first time at the World ATM Congress 2019.

ERIS represents a product family of Air Traffic Management systems designed for Air Traffic Control and flight planning of civil and military operations. ERIS is based on a modern sophisticated and modular design that has been developed in compliance with ICAO and EUROCONTROL standards.

ERIS's modular architecture and scalability enable individual and optimal site-specific tailoring and easy integration into various ATC environments. ERIS in conjunction with ERA´s NEO multi-sensor surveillance system represent the complex solution for ATC controllers.

The newly introduced ERIS system, depending on ATC operations, is provided as:
ERIS-A - alternative surveillance system and ATC/ATM solution for TWR
ERIS-ATM - a solution for Approach Control Service (APP) or Area Control Service (ACC)

The system is designed for 24/7 continuous operation with its configuration depending on the given use case. The key features include Multi-sensor Data Fusion, Flight Data Processing, Safety Nets, Integrated Situational Data Presentation, Complex Supervision and Monitoring, and Recording and Analysis tools. The use cases of ERIS range from a solution on ACC or APP level to a Common Ground Surveillance System (CGSS) for medium-sized and regional airports.


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