Europe documents

General information

EUROCONTROL, SES II and Implementing Rules
CANSO Position on the future of the Network Manager (February 2017)
CANSO position paper on future regulation of systems (September 2014)
CANSO position on Eurocontrol’s Vision and Strategy (January 2014)
CANSO position summary on the SES 2+ regulation proposal (January 2014)
CANSO SES II+ Regulation Proposal (January 2014)
CANSO view on SES II+ (September 2013)
CANSO Position on Centralised Services (June 2013)
CANSO Position Paper on the proposed regulatory approach for revision of the SES Performance Scheme addressing RP2 (May 2012)
CANSO Position Paper on SPIs for RP2 (January 2012)

Safety and EASA
CANSO Europe Safety Strategy (June 2014)

Social issues

Just Culure Toolbox (2018)

Toolbox for Successful Social Dialogue in Air Traffic Management (September 2016)
ATM social partners adopt joint statement at final project conference (9 September 2016)
Common position on RP2 EU target proposals (December 2013)
Mobility ATM SP recommendations (November 2013)
CANSO-ETF position on SES RP2 (December 2012)
Guidelines for Consultation Arrangements for FAB (August 2012)

SESAR and technical documents
CANSO Position Paper on Remote Tower Operations (February 2017)
CANSO position paper on cyber security (September 2014)
CANSO Position Paper on the Pilot Common Project (February 2014)
Cover letter SESAR deployment (September 2012)
Joint Position Paper on SESAR Deployment final (September 2012)
CANSO comments to the EC orientation on SESAR Deployment (September 2012)
Airlines, ANSPs and Airports join for SESAR Deployment (March 2012)

Air traffic management in the Europe region
ATAG press release 20 July 2016: Supporting European jobs, economic growth and sustainable development through aviation

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