Europe Quarterly Update

Quarter 1, 2019

After 15 years of implementation, the European Commission believes that the time has come to determine a future direction for the Single European Sky (SES) in a realistic, practical and beneficial way. It has established a ‘Wise Persons Group’ with the intention of sparking intensive discussion on these and other topics related to the future of ATM and SES. The CANSO Deputy DG is a member of the Wise Persons Group. Dialogue with CANSO was held in November and our contributions were well received. CANSO stressed that it will support the necessary changes to make the European ATM system more efficient and resilient.

CANSO submitted a response to the SESAR JU on the preliminary recommendations of the Airspace Architecture Study.  The objective of the study is to propose a future airspace architecture, and an associated transition strategy, that is robust enough to ensure the safe, seamless and efficient accommodation of all air traffic by 2035. In doing so, it aims to support the further implementation of the SES.

CANSO signed the Airlines for Europe (A4E) Efficient Airspace Declaration to ensure that initial projects from the Airspace Architecture Study and Wise Persons Group are jointly agreed and launched this year.

In November, CANSO attended the ESCP High Level Meeting on Cybersecurity in Civil Aviation in Toulouse, participating in a ‘European Strategy for Cybersecurity in Aviation’ panel. CANSO also took part in a plenary session on ‘Transport Research into Implementation’ during the SESAR Innovation Days 2018 that took place in Salzburg (Austria).

In addition CANSO participated in the first meeting of the EU Network of U-space Demonstrators, a forum created to share knowledge and accelerate the safe and fair integration of drones.  On the eve of EASA’s High-Level Conference on Drones, CANSO published a statement on the safe and fair integration of drones in Europe.

CANSO also held a joint event with ENAIRE in November, attended by Spanish aviation stakeholders such as Spanish CAA and NSA (AESA), Spanish Air Force, AENA (Spanish Airports), airline associations and Spanish ATM industry. This was to provide a platform to respond to challenges in aviation, and to create an environment for ANSPs to enhance ATM performance through collaboration. 

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