Europe Quarterly Update

Quarter 2, 2017

In a dedicated scenario planning workshop, CANSO Europe Member CEOs discussed the future of the ATM business, the related institutional framework and consequences for the next reference period of the EU Performance Scheme, in order to agree common ways to influence potential operational and regulatory developments through CANSO.

Intensive work has started on influencing the evolution of the Network Manager (NM) through several parallel streams, with the European Commission and through EUROCONTROL, as the Commission plans a revision of the related regulation by end 2017.

The new consultation structure of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has started with the establishment of a Stakeholder Advisory Body (SAB), Stakeholders Technical Bodies (STeBs) and Collaborative Analysis Groups (CAGs). CANSO was elected as one of the two vice chairs of the SAB, the highest EASA advisory group. This represents recognition of the increasing importance of ATM in the work of EASA, not only in safety rulemaking but also in other activities like standardisation, safety promotion and strategic issues like cyber security and drones.

Preparations for the Single European Sky (SES) Performance Scheme Reference Period 3 (RP3 - 2020-2025) have entered a crucial phase with the European Commission evaluating options for the new regulatory framework. CANSO has further developed its views to influence relevent developments through bilateral meetings with the European Commission at both strategic and technical level.

CANSO recently launched an EC funded Social Dialogue project together with the ATM European Social Partners, ETF and ATCEUC. The project will mainly work on guidelines for implementing Just Culture and investigate the social impact deriving from the introduction of new technologies and specific EASA rulemaking activities affecting ATM.

Quarter 1, 2017

As part of our mission to promote strong industry partnerships, CANSO has started a strategic dialogue with new European airline association, Airlines for Europe (A4E). This will help to build cooperation and create common positions between the two organisations.

CANSO is now an observer in the European ATM Standards Coordination Group (EASCG). This will allow ANSPs to influence the European ATM Standardisation Rolling Development Plan and other standardisation activities at an early stage.

CANSO and the SESAR Deployment Manager have finalised a new bilateral agreement, defining the strategic collaboration between both organisations on areas including global interoperability, revision of the Pilot Common Project and new Common Projects.

CANSO is collaborating with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) on cybersecurity. This will improve the European regulatory/oversight framework for information security, establish the European Centre for Cybersecurity in Aviation (ECCSA) and develop a sector-specific cyber security strategy in Europe.

The performance scheme, at the heart of the Single European Sky (SES) policy, is a major driver towards performance-based air traffic management. Preparations for the SES Performance Scheme Reference Period 3 (RP3 - 2020-2025) already started in 2016 as it will affect ANSPs’ future business. Lessons learned in RP1 (2012-2014) and RP2 (2015-2019) are being used. CANSO presented a wellcoordinated
position on RP3 at a European Commission hearing in December. Work continues in 2017, alongside activity within the Industry Consultation Body (ICB), to influence the new regulatory framework.

The European Commission has recently granted CANSO financial support to develop, in partnership with the European ATM social partners (ATCEUC, ETF), a new project in the field of social dialogue. This project will build on the previous social dialogue project which concluded in September and is due to last two years.

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