Europe Quarterly Update 2015

Quarter Four, 2015

The European Commission is currently reviewing the Single European Sky Performance Scheme, which aims at setting targets for States to drive performance improvements. CANSO is producing a submission in order to steer and influence the future institutional configuration for the so-called Reference Period 3 that runs from 2020 to 2014.

CANSO attended a workshop in Dublin with the EU Social Partners (ETF and ATCEUC) where a guidance document (Toolbox for successful social dialogue ) containing best practices aimed at preventing social conflicts was adopted. This is part of a larger project due to run until the end of 2016 that aims to strengthen the Social Dialogue throughout Europe to address the social consequences of implementing the Single European Sky (SES).

In October CANSO signed the “European Corporate Just Culture Declaration” at the High-level Conference organised by the European Commission. The Declaration sets out a number of key principles to encourage aviation staff to report mistakes or events without fear of punishment. It is fully aligned with the EC roadmap to implement Regulation 376/2014 on the reporting, analysis and follow-up of occurrences in civil aviation. CANSO, together with the ATM Partners (ETF, ATCEUC, IFACTCA, IFATSEA, IFAIMA), believes the signing of this Declaration marks a major step in embracing the principles of just culture across the entire aviation sector.

The European Commission plans to integrate civil drones into the European aviation system from 2016 onwards by creating a common safety regulation framework and by developing the technologies. CANSO responded to the EASA consultation on the “Introduction of a regulatory framework for the operations of drones (A-NPA 2015-10)”, which included proposals for the regulation of low-risk drone operations.


Quarter Three, 2015

In Europe, CANSO is providing input to the European Commission’s new Aviation Package, designed to boost the competitiveness of European aviation, and which includes ATM infrastructure improvements. The EC will present the draft package at a High Level Aviation Conference in January.

A workshop on the future of EUROCONTROL will take place in September. CANSO has prepared a position in alignment with the Air Navigation Services Board (ANSB). As part of the ANSB working group, CANSO is reviewing the Agency Business Plan 2016-2020 and the related Agency Work Plan to have comments ready by early September.

Six months after the establishment of the SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM), which ensures implementation projects are synchronised, the EC has granted EUR 329 million in co-funding to air traffic management (ATM) projects through the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA). The SDM delivered the first SESAR Deployment Programme, which will form the basis for the INEA funding call for proposals to be launched in September 2015.

CANSO is contributing to the evolution of the Performance Scheme, being actively involved in discussions within the ICB (Industry Consultation Body) on the future Independent Performance and Economic Regulator (IPER). In our view, the IPER will contribute to the improvement of the ATM system only though adequate recognition of local/national specificities and by addressing interdependencies between key performance areas (KPAs).

CANSO is committed to strengthening the Social Dialogue, advocating a stronger recognition of the human factor as an integral part of the overall ATM system and as the most critical source of its performance, safety and resilience. We are currently involved, along with others EU Social Partners (ETF and ATCEUC), in implementing a project to develop tools and best practices to avoid social conflicts and establish a successful social dialogue.

CANSO is fostering a “Just Culture” environment in ATM in which staff feel secure that the organisation will treat them justly and fairly when they report safety issues. Together with other ATM partners, CANSO supports the EC roadmap to implement Regulation 376/2014 on the Occurrence Reporting. This includes the signing of a “European Corporate Just Culture Declaration” at a high level conference on 1 October in the presence of EU Transport Commissioner, Violeta Bulc. CANSO Director General, Jeff Poole, has been invited to sign the Declaration on behalf of ANSPs.


Quarter Two, 2015

In Europe, there is currently a political deadlock on the SES 2+ due to disagreement between two States on the territorial application of the rule. CANSO activated institutional channels with the Latvian and the upcoming Luxembourg EU Presidency to prepare for the discussions with the European Parliament which will finalise the legislative proposal, once the political dispute is cleared.

CANSO is working with several other aviation stakeholders to advise the EC on the evolution of SES. This covers issues such as the evolution of the Performance Scheme, the extension of EASA competence and the reform of EUROCONTROL.

CANSO lobbied the European Parliament and the EU Council to avoid cuts in the funding needed for the implementation of SESAR, envisaged by the European Commission’s proposal on an EU Fund for Strategic Investment.

CANSO contributed to the industry stakeholder proposal on EUROCONTROL’s vision and strategy development, business plans and work programmes. We asked for more business orientation, increased efficiency and the involvement of ANSPs, airspace users and airports on service provision related functions, such as the Network Manager.

CANSO is contributing to the regulatory activities of the European Commission and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) on a range of topics such us just culture, performance-based navigation (PBN), ATCO licences and certificates, voice channel spacing (VCS), conformity assessment, remote towers and surveillance performance and interoperability (SPI).

Technical issues forced the European Commission to delay its mandate to equip aircraft with Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) until February 2020 and for ground infrastructure until February 2018. This compromise solution was supported by CANSO.


Quarter One, 2015

SES: At the Ministerial Aviation Conference in Rome in November, the new EU Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc underlined the importance of the Single European Sky as an essential and urgently needed contributor to Europe's competitiveness; the SES 2+ regulation proposal should be seen as a pragmatic way forward and should be supported by all Member States. As the result of intensive work by the Italian Presidency, the EU Member States agreed a 'Common Approach' to the SES 2+ proposal in December. We now expect the trilogue discussions of the European Council, the European Parliament and the European Commission to agree SES 2+ by mid-2015 under the Latvian EU Presidency. CANSO has communicated its SES 2+ position.

Deployment Manager: In December, an industry consortium representing airlines, airports and air navigation service providers signed a partnership agreement with the European Commission for the modernisation of Europe's air traffic management system. This industry alliance is now the SESAR Deployment Manager, the EU-mandated body to coordinate and synchronise €3bn worth of upgrades to the continent's air traffic management infrastructure. The setup of the Deployment Manager is a great achievement for the whole European aviation industry and has been fully supported and promoted by CANSO for years. The first coordination meeting between the Deployment Manager and CANSO took place in January.

SESAR: In December, a new campaign to update the European ATM Master Plan was launched by the SESAR Joint Undertaking. The future edition of the ATM Master Plan, which is the roadmap driving the modernisation of air traffic management, will focus on increasing performance in aviation and will be available by mid-2015.

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