Europe Quarterly Updates 2014

Quarter Four, 2014

In Europe, following the European Parliament elections, CANSO is briefing the new MEPs about CANSO Member priorities and to find allies and supporters for the further development of the Single European Sky (SES) framework currently under negotiation in the European Council under the Italian Presidency. The new European Commission will shape Europe’s evolution for the next five years.

As a result of problems in implementing Data Link Services, the European Commission (EC) has postponed implementation to find a validated solution and to avoid infringement procedures against Member States. The synchronised deployment of the validated solution will come under the direction of the SESAR Deployment Manager, which is expected to be nominated in November 2014.

CANSO continues to contribute to European Commission and EASA activities, aimed at further developing a harmonised European approach to a performance-based regulatory environment. For example, we contributed to the European Commission policy initiative on aviation safety and a possible revision of the EASA Basic Regulation.

CANSO supports the SESAR Joint Undertaking in defining the remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) activities to ensure the SESAR concept addresses manned and unmanned systems. This is in full coordination with the CANSO RPAS work in the Operations Standing Committee.

Quarter Three, 2014

In Europe, the new Italian Presidency of the European Union is pushing for an agreement on the further development of the Single European Sky legal framework (SES 2+). CANSO continues to stress the need for ANSPs to provide their services in an open, harmonised environment without EU micro-management, and based on performance and “better regulation” principles.

The EC has published the Call for Tender to establish the SESAR Deployment Manager (DM) and CANSO will act as the interface between the DM and the European ANSPs in the consultation processes to organise a deployment programme for implementing the first elements of SESAR.

The European Commission (EC) has started a policy initiative on aviation safety and a possible revision of the EASA Basic Regulation, which describes the Agency’s roles and responsibilities, and establishes common rules in the field of civil aviation under the Single European Sky. Due to the strategic nature of this revision, which might have a potential impact on the overall European institutional framework, CANSO Members are fully committed to provide recommendations to EASA and the EC.

Quarter Two, 2014

The European Parliament voted to proceed with the SES 2+ proposal, putting ANSPs under an even tighter performance-driven framework. Next it will be discussed in the Council during the second half of 2014. EU Member States are preparing performance plans for the 2nd Reference Period (2015-2019) responding to the very ambitious EU-wide performance targets they approved in February 2014.

SESAR deployment will start soon through the definition and endorsement of the first implementation package – the Pilot Common Project – which will be managed by the industry-lead Deployment Manager, planned to be in charge by early next year. Under the Centralised Services initiative, EUROCONTROL has invited industry stakeholders to express interest in participating in the elaboration of demonstrators for the different services. All of these activities are followed by and influenced by coordinated members positions based on a vision of the final Single European Sky, currently under definition in the CANSO European Region.

Quarter One, 2014

In Europe, the proposal for another Single European Sky regulatory package, SES II+, is currently under review by the Parliament and Council. CANSO has communicated its positions on the key issues to all relevant decision makers. We await the vote by the Single Sky Committee in early February on targets under the second reference period of the Performance Scheme, following which preparation of the performance plans will start immediately. We continue to work on Eurocontrol’s plans for Centralised Services as well as its Vision and Strategy, which defines the future scope of the Eurocontrol organisation.

CANSO has also been giving input on important European Commission (EC) initiatives. We have produced a position paper on Performance Based Navigation(PBN) as input for the EC’s expected work on an Implementing Rule on PBN to address the implementation of ICAO Assembly Resolution A37-11. CANSO is also working with airspace users and airports and providing input to the Implementing Rule on the Pilot Common Project as the first step to implement SESAR. This includes the setting-up of the Deployment Manager. Our aim is to ensure that our requirements are covered in the Implementing Rule.

The European ATM Social Partners were very active in 2013 and this year will also be a busy one. As well as working on a common view of change management, CANSO, ATCEUC and ETF will finalise the survey on a successful Social Dialogue, analyse outcomes and agree conclusions and next steps.

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