European Commission drops infringement proceedings against DANUBE FAB

21 July 2015

On 16th of July 2015, the European Commission adopted its monthly infringements package, closing a number of cases whereby issues with Member States concerned have been solved without the need for the Commission to pursue the procedure any further. Among these closures, the Commission decided to accept DANUBE FAB's Observations on Letters of Formal Notice, therefore closing the infringement proceedings raised against the Republic of Bulgaria and Romania in July 2014.

The Letters of Formal Notice were received in relation to sections of Single European Sky regulation, specifically regarding the implementation of Functional Airspace Blocks. The DANUBE FAB observations were submitted in November 2014, in order to provide the European Commission with updated information on DANUBE FAB and its objectives, detailed implementation plans for a number of high priority initiatives, as well as some mechanisms for monitoring of implementation by the Commission.

The fact that DANUBE FAB's observations have been accepted demonstrates that the Commission recognises the significant benefits enabled by the FAB to airspace users and the FABs commitment to deliver on its promises.

DANUBE FAB has worked hard since its establishment in 2012 to implement a number of important projects, which include both the first implementation of two Cross Border Sectors and the first common procurement of a communication system under a FAB framework. The DANUBE FAB has also completed the first phase of its Free Route Airspace programme, and has participated in a wide range of regional and inter-FAB initiatives. DANUBE FAB will build upon this in the future, with a planned extension of Free Route Airspace and common implementation of Data Link Services, among other initiatives.

DANUBE FAB has enabled benefits for airspace users, optimising the route network and contributing towards the EU wide environment and cost efficiency target, joint procurement demonstrates strong political support for the FAB with regard to cost reduction and optimised ANS and regional agreements demonstrate the FABs ongoing focus on cooperation and coordination at European level.

DANUBE FAB has a commitment to continuously evolve, with a number of ambitious projects planned for the future, as well as widening its reach through increasing cooperation with other FABs. DANUBE FAB looks forward to hosting all 9 FABs for a productive second Inter-FAB coordination workshop in Bucharest, on 14th -15th October 2015. Considering the closure of the infringement proceedings, the Republic of Bulgaria and Romania look forward to continuing their strong cooperation into the future.



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