FAB CE ANSPs Sign Interconnection Framework Agreement

25 November 2013

The CEOs of all 7 FAB CE (Functional Airspace Block Central Europe) air navigation service providers signed the Interconnection Framework Agreement on a regional network for the transmission of information. This agreement crowns several years of active cooperation among network professionals on the development of their ANSPs’ cross-border network, in short X-bone. 

The Interconnection Framework Agreement (IFA) was developed in close cooperation between the network and legal experts. In addition to standard contractual content, the agreement encompasses up-to-date architecture, procedures related to operations, maintenance and development, list of allowed applications, management body and its procedures and effective list of contacts. 

X-bone is a fully redundant IPv6 backbone, interconnecting individual networks of national ANSPs. It serves for operational as well as for test and development purposes between the ANSPs in Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. Extension to FAB CE as well as other countries is foreseen in the near future. The operational platform (X-bone OPS) is used for exchange of operational messaging (OLDI) and surveillance (SSR) data between the end user applications. The test platform (X-bone TEST) is used for various tests related to new configurations, pre-operational validation, validation of new applications, etc. 

This agreement is a fine example of the successful cooperation between all 7 ANSPs as part of FAB CE and is the result of developments originally initiated by LPS SR in close cooperation with Austro Control and HungaroControl as adjacent neighbours a few years ago. 

FAB CE is the joint initiative of 7 States and ANSPs from Central Europe. The Participating States are: Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia. The respective participating ANSPs are: Austro Control, BHANSA, Croatia Control, ANS CR, HungaroControl, LPS SR and SloveniaControl.

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