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Flightyield is a specialised aviation revenue management and billing service that oversees all aspects of the revenue invoicing and collection process for air navigation service providers (ANSPs) and also airports. 

CANSO developed Flightyield to assist ANSPs to be better funded through improved revenues. CANSO recognised that adequate funding is essential to providing safe, reliable and efficient air traffic management services.

Flightyield is an industry solution designed specifically to provide an ANSP with the framework and tools to be self-funding from the users of its services (the airlines). The end to end service has been designed to ensure an ANSP can set prices its needs and that the common causes of revenue leakage are eliminated.

The Flightyield service is provided in three modules which represent the key steps in the billing and collection process. Each module focuses on solving a specific billing and collection problem: 

Module 1 – Data capture and validation
Module 2 – Invoice creation and distribution
Module 3 – Invoice collection

Flightyield is ‘a quality service from CANSO’ in partnership with Airways New Zealand, the ANSP of New Zealand.

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