Frequentis Comsoft GmbH

Organisation Overview

COMSOFT GmbH, now COMSOFT Solutions GmbH, is an internationally active air traffic control and air traffic management provider, headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany. A leading manufacturer in this domain for over 25 years, COMSOFT Solutions delivers systems and services to civil and military air traffic control authorities and organisations, and customers in every ICAO region.

COMSOFT Solutions’ portfolio covers numerous fields of the modern ATM industry, including innovative surveillance and communication solutions such as ADS-B and multilateration sensors, aeronautical message handling and information management systems, surveillance data distribution and processing systems and control and monitoring solutions.

Our incomparable dedication to outstanding solutions has entailed a number of achievements setting a benchmark for the industry.  For example, taking into account the global transition from AIS to AIM, COMSOFT developed the advanced AIM solution CADAS.  Fully based on AIXM 5, the new standard for aeronautical data, it presents a future-proof, cost-efficient and reliable AIM platform.  The unrivalled leader in operational AMHS connections clearly is COMSOFT's messaging solution, AIDA-NG.  Numerous customers - including air navigation service providers from Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region - have already performed the transition to AMHS leveraging the system's unmatched level of interoperability and stability.

As a long term EUROCONTROL partner, solution provider and consultant for both civil and military customers, COMSOFT systems can be found in most European ATC centres and with increasing shares all over the world.  

In January 2016 the Frequentis Group, an international communication and information systems provider for control centres, took over the main assets and projects of COMSOFT GmbH. COMSOFT’s high quality solutions and skilled COMSOFT team, coupled with the Frequentis Group’s vast expertise, will continue to develop innovative solutions for the ATM market, consistent with international standards.


Membership type: Associate Member
Membership status: Silver
Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Thomas Hoffmann
Head office:

Wachhausstr. 5a, 76227 Karlsruhe Germany

Country: Germany
Telephone number: +49 721 9497 0
Fax number: +49 721 9497 119

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