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FREQUENTIS Successfully Completes Interoperability Testing with smartMessenger and US FAA WMSCR Using CMHP

20 September 2013

Enhancing connectivity capability to its smartMessenger customers desiring to connect to the FAA systems using a proven and cost effective communication protocol 

The FAA Weather Message Switching Center Replacement System (WMSCR) collects, processes, stores, and disseminates textual aviation weather products and NOTAM information between FAA core systems, the airlines, and commercial users 24 hours per day. The accurate, reliable, and continuous delivery of these messages is essential for aviation safety for all domestic and international flights in the USA. 

The Common Message Handling Protocol (CMHP) is offered as a replacement for the common legacy X.25 synchronous connection for connectivity to the FAA systems. It is an application-level communication protocol developed by the FAA and is designed for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) users. It enables the exchange of application data with assurance that the data sent has been successfully received and processed by the far-end application. 

The testing performed between Frequentis smartMessenger and the FAA WMSCR consisted of connectivity, conformance and interoperability tests. The testing was completed in a timely manner due to the excellent support Frequentis received from the FAA staff and its contractors. John Fort, CEO at Frequentis California, commented that: “The CMHP protocol offers many advantages over X.25 to organisations wanting to connect to the FAA systems including enhanced throughput and availability and reduced communication costs”. 



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