FREQUENTIS successfully replaces Schmid VCS in Poland

11 July 2017

FREQUENTIS completes voice communication system for Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA)

FREQUENTIS compact and duplicated VCS 3020X will provide a market-leading voice communication system to PANSA, and was completed under the lead of IT-COM. Frequentis took over the delivery of the system from the original project partner, Schmid Telecom AG, one month after Schmid announced bankruptcy. 

This could have been a tough situation for PANSA if this solution was not brought to market in time due to a vendor insolvency. Based on the legacy relationship between Frequentis and PANSA, the company was able to step in with little to no ramp up time and ensure this safety-critical functionality was fully supported.

The deployment is based on the proven Frequentis compact and duplicated VCS 3020X, and will provide a multitude of interfaces to external systems for safety-critical ground/ground and air/ground communication. The system will also provide a more advanced ATM communication system with 25 Working Positions and over 100 external telephone and radio links.

“Frequentis ensured our contract with PANSA was fulfilled as previously arranged, guaranteeing the best solution was put in place, while making up for the delays caused by the Schmid bankruptcy. We are pleased with the support and delivery of the system, which kept us on track with the intended timeline for completion”, said Stanisław Śnieżek, CEO of IT-COM.

Requiring an alternate vendor to fulfil the contractual obligations of Schmid Telecom, Frequentis proved to be the only company capable of delivering a system that fully complied with the technical and operational requirements, as well as being able to guarantee a fast delivery combined with strong expertise in Poland. The interconnection and resource sharing with the Schmid ICS 200/60 system, still in operation in Katowice, demonstrates the smooth migration capability of Frequentis and the various possibilities for any former Schmid Telecom customers.

“Within this tower project, Frequentis has excelled as a flexible and highly committed partner, showing our ability to meet technical challenges in a demanding timeframe. By completing this project, PANSA and FREQUENTIS, together with our partner IT-COM jointly implemented this tower program, ensuring PANSA fulfilled the project goals", commented Hannu Juurakko, Vice President ATM Civil at Frequentis. The completion of the project ensures PANSA are fully prepared for the current and future demands of their service at Krakow airport.


Frequentis is an international supplier of communication and information systems for control centres with safety-critical tasks. These control centre solutions are developed and distributed by Frequentis in the business segments Air Traffic Management (civil and military air traffic control, and air defence) and Public Safety & Transport (police, fire and rescue services, emergency medical services, vessel traffic and railways). Frequentis maintains a worldwide network of subsidiaries and local representatives in more than fifty countries. The company’s products and solutions are behind more than 25,000 operator positions in over 130 countries. With this extensive portfolio, Frequentis is the leading provider of voice communication systems - making our world a safer place every day! 

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