Game changers in ATM operations: Part 2

1 March 2017

Christian Woborsky, Senior Advisor Environment, AustroControl and CANSO Environment Workgroup (ENV WG) chair, looks at how air navigation service providers (ANSPs) can measure their own carbon emissions and incorporate environmental considerations into their everyday operations and building management. 

As the aviation industry continues to grow, it enables economic growth and opportunities, but it also brings challenges to society and the environment in the form of increasing global greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere, which contributes to climate change.

Measuring and reporting environmental performance is therefore an important social responsibility for businesses as concerns about sustainability increase. As such, CANSO Member ANSPs have a role to play both in terms of the influence they can have in reducing aircraft emissions through more efficient operations, but also directly by managing the environmental impact of operating the facilities they own and manage.

CANSO has launched a new guide Air Navigation Service Provider Carbon Footprinting: A Best Practice Guide. Rather than being prescriptive or mandatory, the guide recognises there is variability in local regulations and priorities around the world, and between organisations. It considers that measuring environmental impacts (or ‘carbon footprinting’) is a crucial first step for ANSPs in identifying and delivering environmental improvement.

The guide shares best practices; clarifies the carbon footprint issues from an ANSP’s perspective; offers options for ‘estate’ related carbon footprinting; and encourages ANSPs to consider how they may benefit from carbon footprinting.

We are encouraging discussions among ANSPs (for example at the CANSO Global ATM Operations Conference 2017) on the steps that ANSPs can take to assess and manage their own greenhouse gas emissions to reduce costs, manage risks, gain commercial advantage, demonstrate social responsibility and meet local regulatory and legislative requirements.

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About the author

Christian Woborsky Senior Advisor Environment, AustroControl and CANSO Environment Workgroup (ENV WG) chair

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