Giving ANSPs the tools to inform their workforces about drones

27 January 2017

To help ANSPs educate their workforces on remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) or drones, CANSO has launched a training module that provides a high-level overview of RPAS operations from an ANSP perspective.

The introduction of RPAS or drones into civil airspace has brought economic and societal benefits, but at the same time poses many challenges for air navigation service providers (ANSPs).

News, internet and social media sources report an increasing number of recreational RPAS operations where infringements into controlled or sensitive airspace have occurred. Additionally, some ANSPs report that small RPAS operations are affecting the safety and efficiency of air traffic management (ATM) operations.

Forecasts predict there will be as many as 50,000 commercial drone operations in the United States alone within five years. As industries continue to develop and use RPAS, consideration must be given to ensure proper training of ATC personnel and to develop the tools, procedures, and processes to integrate RPAS into controlled airspace.

To integrate RPAS into airspace and ATM systems, while ensuring the safety and efficiency of aviation operations, ANSPs need to understand the unique aspects of RPAS operations. The climb rates, maneuverability and other unusual performance characteristics of RPAS often make it difficult or impossible for them to adhere to routine ATM procedures.

CANSO's Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems and Emerging Technologies Workgroup (RPAS/ET WG) recognised this need and has produced a training module to provide ANSPs with a high-level overview of RPAS operations from an ANSP perspective. The PowerPoint presentation is accompanied by a guide for instructors/speakers and includes information on the operation of RPAS, unique terminology, contingency operations, and much more. The training allows ANSPs to tailor the discussion based on the airspace in which service provision is being conducted and provides ANSPs with a starting point for creating future training syllabi as well. To view the training and download, visit ATM-Net:





About the author

Kapri Kupper Operations programme Manager, CANSO

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