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Global ANS Performance Report 2015 - The Industry View

Providing value to Members is one of the three core pillars of CANSO’s strategic plan for the ATM industry, Vision 2020. Identifying and tracking significant industry trends among its Member air navigation service providers (ANSP) is an important part of this value proposition and the annual Global Air Navigation Services Performance Report monitors these trends and aims to drive improvement in ATM performance.

This is the sixth year that CANSO has published this report and the second year that CANSO has worked jointly with Helios, which continues to provide objective oversight and expertise.

The report is presented in three separate sections to increase the accessibility and value of the report to ANSPs and industry stakeholders:

  • The Executive Summary focuses on the key messages and, for the first time, features input from the CANSO Human Resources Workgroup (HRWG), giving additional insight into air traffic control officer (ATCO) costs. It also discusses the evolution of the CANSO performance reporting activity and areas for further investigation.

  • The Industry View contains de-identified trend analysis of the data, using a series of key performance indicators (KPIs). This provides a view of the industry overall, supporting the conclusions presented in the Executive Summary.

  • The ANSP View shows the performance of individual ANSPs. This section, along with the complementary data sharing activity, is aimed at encouraging communication between ANSPs to drive performance improvements.





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