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Global ANS Performance Report 2016 - Executive Summary

CANSO’s Global Air Navigation Services Performance Report 2016 is the seventh annual report and covers the years 2011 to 2015. It marks the third year of our partnership with Helios, which has worked with CANSO to produce it.

CANSO provides this report to help its air navigation service provider (ANSP) Members measure their performance and benchmark it against their peers. Effective performance measurement enables ANSPs and their stakeholders to better understand ANSP operations in terms of cost-efficiency and productivity. Any ANSP participating in this report is therefore committed to understanding and improving its productivity as well as its transparency to stakeholders.

The Global Air Navigation Services Performance Report 2016 is divided in two parts.

  • The Executive Summary provides an overall view of the aviation industry from the ANSP viewpoint, showing the impacts of global forces on the ATM industry. It also discusses the evolution of the CANSO performance reporting activity and areas for further investigation.
  • The ANSP View shows the performance of individual ANSPs. This part, along with the complementary data sharing activity, is aimed at encouraging ANSPs to examine their own performance with respect to similar ANSPs and discuss possible improvements among themselves.

Taking part in performance benchmarking
Identifying and tracking significant industry trends is vital for driving improvements in ATM and CANSO undertakes several benchmarking activities that cover the main aspects of ANSP activity; safety, operations, environmental performance, business excellence, human resources and efficiency/performance.

If you would like to take part in performance benchmarking or any other CANSO benchmarking activity, please contact for more information.





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