Harnessing the Olympic spirit of collaboration in Africa

18 August 2016

If we learn anything from the Olympic Games, it’s the power of true passion, commitment and collaboration. As the nations of the globe came together to put on what can only be described as one of the greatest shows on earth, we have all been truly humbled by the humility, dedication and team spirit showed by all.

Creating and maintaining strong partnerships is one of CANSO’s core values.  We strongly believe that by working closely together, the air traffic management (ATM) industry can transform the aviation system and deliver real value for its Members and stakeholders.  And just like an Olympic team, we need to work together to share techniques and learnings and focus on the end goal.

On 12-14 September, we will be holding the CANSO Africa Conference 2016 in Accra, Ghana, hosted by Ghana Civil Aviation Authority and sponsored by Aireon. We will welcome Members from across the region and plan for a safer, more seamless airspace and a better future.

The theme of the Conference is Ensuring Safe and Efficient Airspace – Separating Regulation from Service Provision and the event will focus on this and managing institutional change.  Other topics include removing perceived sovereignty barriers to provide air traffic services across borders; improving efficiency through collaborative decision-making; and enhancing safety. In particular, we will review the status of the Africa ANSP Peer Review Initiative, identify challenges, develop solutions and plan for further action.

These sessions will be followed by a safety seminar on 15-16 September, organised by CANSO in partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Members will learn practical measures to improve safety management, including creating a “Just Culture”, and reviewing actual regional events to help the reporting and analysis process.

Throughout the event, I encourage Members to come together, learn from one another and share best practice. CANSO is and always will be of its Members for its Members, and I think with a little Olympic spirit, we can go for ATM gold.

To secure your seat as a game changer and game maker, please register for the CANSO Africa Conference 12-14 September 2016 here: canso.org/canso-africa-conference-2016.

We’re hoping for a personal best.


About the author

Boni Dibate CANSO Director Africa Affairs

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