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Honeywell to Provide Aircraft Landing Assurance at St Helena’s First Airport

5 March 2014

Honeywell Aerospace’s SmartPath Ground-Based Augmentation System (GBAS), which reduces weather-related delays, lowers air traffic noise, improves flight efficiency and increases airport capacity simultaneously, has been selected by the U.K. Department for International Development for St Helena’s airport, due to open in 2016. 

A contract for construction of the island’s new airport was signed in November 2011, and the Honeywell SmartPath GBAS will be used to augment navigational aids to help minimise delays and diversions and maximize landing safety and efficiency. 

SmartPath is the world’s only U. S. Federal Aviation Administration-certified GBAS, a technology that augments Global Positioning System (GPS) signals to make them suitable for precision approach and landing. It overcomes many of the limitations of Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) traditionally used by airports to guide aircraft as they approach the runway, including susceptibility to signal interference from weather, other aircraft and rugged terrain. Honeywell’s system also increases operational efficiency, enabling aircraft to fly either complex or straight-in approaches and helping to reduce overall fuel burn and unnecessary flight delays. 

“By installing Honeywell’s SmartPath GBAS at St Helena’s airport, we are taking the opportunity to use one of the industry’s most advanced technologies to help beat the challenge of delays and improve landing assurance,” said Janet Lawrence, director of St Helena’s Airport Project. “SmartPath will deliver a better passenger experience, improve flight operations, lower noise at ground level, and ultimately help to transform everyday access to St Helena.” 



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