How Latin America and the Caribbean is leading operational excellence in ATM

11 November 2016

CANSO is taking firm steps to enhance ATM efficiency across Latin America and the Caribbean and creating the foundation for a flexible airspace that will improve safety, traffic flow and capacity. As the CANSO Latin America and Caribbean Conference 2016 approaches, ensuring renewed focus and commitment will therefore be critical.

CANSO and its Members are driving significant operational changes in Latin America and the Caribbean. From promoting initiatives such as performance-based navigation (PBN) and sharing best practice, to establishing the CANSO Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) Data Exchange Network for the Americas (CADENA). CANSO recently organised three regional supervisor workshops focussed on developing the skills of Latin American and Caribbean air traffic control supervisors, and continues to raise awareness of ICAO´s ASBU framework and promote the benefits of airport collaborative decision making (A-CDM) alongside industry partner ACI-LAC. 

With such important operational initiatives underway, we look forward with great enthusiam to the CANSO Latin America and Caribbean Conference on 5-9 December in San José, Costa Rica. Hosted by COCESNA and supported by Aireon, Frequentis, Honeywell, IDS, Jotron, Metron, NAV CANADA and Thales, the conference will demonstrate how the region is leading operational excellence and creating a harmonised air navigation system.

We will examine some of the priorities for the safe and efficient management of airspace, including; accident investigation communication awareness, measuring environmental performance, CANSO ATFM Data Exchange Network for the Americas (CADENA) and runway safety.

The conference features three workshops on: SEANS-Safety, the CANSO Standard of Excellence in Air Navigation Services – Safety (one-day for CANSO Full Members only); CADENA (one day for CADENA members); and implementing PBN and the benefits of the routes agreed in the CANSO-IATA-ICAO Fort Lauderdale workshop in April 2016 (three days, open to all delegates). 

Leading operational excellence

True excellence in ATM is created through partnership; organisations coming together to collaborate and innovate and create real operational improvements together.

That is why CANSO events are so important and why I encourage all those interested in accelerating progress in Latin America and the Caribbean and becoming champions of operational excellence in ATM, to register, participate and learn.

You can also follow @CANSOevents and share your experiences using the hashtag #CANSOlac2016.

Nos vemos en San José, Costa Rica!

Latin America and Caribbean

About the author

Javier Vanegas, Director Latin America and Caribbean Affairs CANSO

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