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How will future aircraft technology affect and drive ATM ground technology and procedures?

5 March 2018

Jeff Cochrane, Director of Navigation and Airspace, NAV CANADA and Co-Chair, CANSO Performance-based Navigation Workgroup (PBN WG) on new aircraft technology and ATM

The third panel at the CANSO Global Operations Conference 2018 will look at what technology aircraft manufacturers are implementing and consider which could affect air traffic management (ATM) ground technology.

This is where it will come together and we can get our thoughts composed on how aircraft technology can complement or possibly conflict with ground ATM technology.

What are the expectations of the airlines or aircraft manufacture's customers? Are there opportunities that could still be leveraged from current aircraft and flight management systems? Is there something that the aircraft could provide that would materially improve ATM?

We are all going to have an opportunity to throw these ideas on the table as we have a lively interaction with panelists from aircraft manufacturers, flight management systems (FMSs) designers, ATM system integrators and air navigation service providers (ANSPs) that are bringing it all together to deliver exceptional services.

The prospect will be there to see how concepts move from collaborative ANSP design, to FMS coding, to aircraft integration and air traffic management flow. Is there only one road and is it always straight, or are there multiple ways of getting to the same result? Are ATM vision and reality in sync? As we identify what is possible we will also be able to see how ANSPs have turned portions of their vision into reality. Find out what some of the challenges might be and how you can now better face them because you've learned from the experience of your peers.

After three days at the World ATM Congress the CANSO Global ATM Operations Conference asks that you bring your brightest visions of the future to the panels and workshops and let your creative juices flow. This will be a great way to cap off your time in Madrid.

To find out more about the CANSO Global ATM Operations Conference 2018 programme or to register, visit the event page.



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Jeff Cochrane Director of Navigation and Airspace, NAV CANADA and Co-Chair, CANSO Performance-based Navigation Workgroup (PBN WG)

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