ICAO recognition places GroupEAD among world leaders

23 February 2016

Global aeronautical information management specialist GroupEAD has been recognised by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) for Instrument Flight Procedure design, one of only seven companies worldwide to receive this honour.

The certified provider of aeronautical services in New Zealand, GroupEAD delivers Performance Based Navigation (PBN) expertise worldwide. To gain the recognition, it had to meet strict ICAO criteria and standards including effective quality and safety management systems, qualified and competent designers, and published operational instrument flight procedures.

GroupEAD Asia Pacific Chief Executive Wayne Smith says the ICAO recognition means customers can be confident that GroupEAD procedures are designed to the highest standards, and is testament to the company’s capability, quality and safety standards, and PBN expertise.

“Being recognised by a leading global organisation like ICAO adds considerable credibility to our company and our existing New Zealand and Papua New Guinea Procedure Design certifications,” Mr Smith says.

“As just one of a handful of companies to have received this recognition worldwide, we are continuing to grow our global business and cement our reputation as being at the forefront of PBN.”

GroupEAD contributes to the ICAO Instrument Flight Procedures Panel which oversees the establishment of standards and plays an active role in representing Pacific interests. The company is currently delivering PBN procedures to more than 10 countries across the Pacific.

“This recognition from ICAO will also help us to strengthen our support and commitment to our Pacific Island partners, enhancing aviation safety and efficiency in the region,” Mr Smith says.

PBN allows aircraft to fly flight paths without relying on ground-based radio-navigation systems and is designed to shorten the distance an aircraft has to fly, reducing fuel and CO2 emissions.

GroupEAD is the largest commercial provider of PBN and conventional procedure design services in the Asia Pacific region.  GroupEAD Asia Pacific is a joint venture business, between GroupEAD Europe and New Zealand air navigation service provider Airways, delivering next-generation aeronautical information management services to the Asia Pacific region.

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