If you want to go far – you must go together

23 September 2016

CANSO Africa Conference 2016 highlighted critical priorities for air traffic management in the region – and the pioneering steps being taken by CANSO Members to advance safe, efficient airspace. The message was clear: if we want to make African skies secure and seamless, we need to learn from each other and work together to achieve this.

There’s a saying in Africa that “if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together”. While this is good advice for anyone embarking on a new challenge, it seems particularly poignant following the CANSO Africa Conference last week and the launch of the Declaration on the Africa ATM Safety Peer Review Initiative.

During one of the most lively and engaging events we have held in the region, the 120 conference participants were actively involved in analysing and reviewing a range of important issues: the separation of air navigation service provision from the regulatory oversight; removing perceived sovereignty barriers; improving efficiency through collaborative decision-making; and matching equipage requirements with Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBUs).

A critical theme underlying these discussions was the role that partnership plays improving safety across Africa.

Safety is the industry’s number one priority and partnership a core pillar of CANSO’s Vision 2020. The conference launch of the Declaration on the Africa ATM Safety Peer Review Initiative, a public commitment by CANSO Member CEOs in Africa, was therefore a great example of how ANSPs are working in partnership to help each other implement effective safety management systems and determine SMS maturity levels. The safety seminar that followed was also a valuable, practical addition to this.

CANSO and its Members are committed to achieving safe, efficient airspace, and will continue to drive greater awareness, participation and implementation of ATM requirements and standards, move the safety agenda forward and improve the future of African airspace.

What is important to take away from this is that while a step-by-step approach may take time, the commitment to collaboration and partnership will take us far.

The presentations from the conference can be found here (click ‘downloads’ on the left hand menu)


About the author

Boni Dibate Director Africa Affairs, CANSO

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