Improving ATM efficiency in Africa

30 August 2018

Ahead of the CANSO Africa Conference 2018, CANSO Director Africa Affairs, Boni Dibate, provides a sneak peak at what's to come.

With domestic air transport growing and an increasing number of major airports acting as global hubs, demand for air services and the need for improved efficiencies in ATM in Africa is increasing. How CANSO Members work together to address this is key.
CANSO's role is to support and facilitate the transformation of global ATM in a fast-changing world, and help create an industry which is both flexible and agile, ready to take on the challenges of the future.

To help the ATM community do this, CANSO has a strong regional focus which champions the needs and ambitions of its Members. In Africa, CANSO's objective is to harness the power of partnerships, best practice and technologies to facilitate efficient and effective operations and help implement a seamless sky.

Looking ahead to the CANSO Africa Conference 2018 – the annual event for the region's ATM operators, innovators and thought-leaders – there are a number of important topics on the agenda.

Power of partnership

To develop understanding and awareness of key processes and procedures that harness the power of partnership, the theme of CANSO Africa Conference 2018 is Improving Efficiency through Collaborative Decision Making and Air Traffic Flow Management. The aim will be to define steps to implement CDM/A-CDM as well as ATFM, and create a model that encourages safe and highly efficient operations across the Africa region.

Embracing technology

The implementation of new ATM technologies is critical for pushing ATM operations forward in Africa. At the Conference we will consider innovation around the world and applicability to the region. We will also take a look at how space-based ADS-B is changing ATM operations and how it could be utilised in Africa.
Improving performance

Performance-based navigation (PBN) is a key element for improving the efficiency of airspace. The conference will explore the progress of PBN implementation since the last CANSO Africa Conference and highlight success stories.
Safety best practice

21 ANSPs have now taken part in the CANSO Safety Africa ATM Peer Review Initiative, using CANSO tools and best practice to develop and implement robust Safety Management Systems that meet the requirements of global standards. Our best practice approach has also been adopted by ICAO in helping to address safety performance across the region. The conference will look closely at this flagship safety initiative and discuss key findings.

The way forward

Finally, through interactive sessions the conference will actively engage participants in discussion on action plans for CDM and ATFM implementation. This is a unique opportunity to share experiences and learn from your peers and customers, and have your say on the future of ATM operations in Africa.

So, whether for learning about the latest best practice and innovations, networking with colleagues and clients, or sharing your vision for the future, the CANSO Africa Conference 2018 is set to offer opportunities for all, and provide a key vehicle for future progress in the region. To find out more, visit the event page.



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Boni Dibate CANSO Director Africa Affairs

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