Indra to provide Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA) with latest generation NORMARC NAV-AIDS

17 September 2018
  • Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA) has awarded Indra Navia a turnkey project to provide state-of-the-art NORMARC Nav-aids. Indra Navia thereby continues as QCAA’s sole supplier of safety-critical landing systems
  • The NORMARC ILS 32-elements localizer antenna system will improve landing safety at Hamad International Airport as interference from surrounding buildings is greatly reduced
  • NORMARC DVOR and DME equipment will ensure high-precision maneuvering during en-route and approach flights at Doha International Airport

Asker (Norway), September 12, 2018.- Indra, one of the world's top technology and consulting companies, has been awarded –through its Norwegian subsidiary, Indra Navia- a turnkey project by Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA) for the installation of their NORMARC ILS 32-elements localizer antenna at Hamad International airport, and of NORMARC DVOR (Doppler VHF Omnidirectional Range) and DME (Distance Measurement Equipment) at Doha International Airport.

QCAA’s vision is to maintain a safe, effective and sustainable civil aviation system, strengthening Qatar’s position on the map of the international civil aviation industry.

"Quality and precision are keywords used at all levels of Qatar’s society, and QCAA is highly committed to provide the level of quality and integrity it demands", said Eldar Hauge, Managing Director of Indra Navia. "Being chosen by QCAA to continue as the sole supplier of their safety-critical instrument landing systems is a significant recognition of the quality of our technology and our ability to make timely deliveries. We are proud of the mutually rewarding relationship we have built over last few years as a supplier to QCAA. We are looking forward to working with them in years to come."

The NORMARC ILS 32-elements localizer antenna is designed to reduce interference from hangars or other buildings near the runway. This enhances landing safety during peak traffic hours, even in very low visibility conditions during CAT III landings.

Indra’s NORMARC DVOR and DME equipment will replace the THOMSOM-CSF DVOR and DME from the early 90’s. DVOR and DME gives azimuth and distance information to aircrafts in Qatari airspace to achieve the highest degree of precision for maneuvering during en-route and approach flights.

Indra Navia has previously also implemented their NOVA 9000 A-SMGCS at Hamad International Airport (HIA). The NOVA 9000 has a product history of greatly improving runway safety by visualizing all ground traffic even in low visibility and night operations.

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