Indra radars will reinforce the management of Chinese airspace

10 March 2015

Indra will deploy 7 radars to provide surveillance service in the North, East and South of China. Currently, about thirty radars control air movements in 60% of the country's sky.

Indra has acquired new contracts for deploying its radar surveillance systems in China. The company will implement 5 systems to reinforce control of the Shanghai air space, providing surveillance services to the East China Region. Likewise, the company will also deploy one surveillance systems in the middle south region and one more in Yinchuan and will expand the en-route control center in Xian. The global value of these contracts is approximately USD11 million.

Indra already has 30 Secondary Radars in operation in this country deployed during the last 8 years, which currently control approximately 60% of the Chinese sky.

Now, East China Air Traffic Management Bureau (ATMB), one of the seven regions into which the ATMB of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) is divided, has entrusted Indra the implementation of another five secondary Mode S radars, the most advanced aircraft identification technology. These systems will reinforce control of the East China sky, improving traffic flow that flies in this region.

This contract is in addition to the one granted Indra by Middle South ATMB for the deployment of Secondary Mode S radar in the South China Sea, as well as that granted by Northwest ATMB for implementing another system in Yinchuan.

Indra counts with the support of a team of professionals specialized in air traffic management in its subsidiary in Beijing who put the radars into operation and provide the necessary technical support to the customer for the maintenance of the systems. In addition, the country will train the technical operators of ATMB who will use these systems, to ensure they exploit this technology's maximum performance.

Xian gains control

To these new contracts for installing radars we must add another recently awarded to Indra for expanding the capacity of the Xian ACC (Air Control Center)

The company provided the most advanced Automation systems in Xian and Chengdu ACC. Both systems were put into operation in 2013.

The Xian ACC is managing the air space of the Shaanxi region to which Xian belongs, as well as the neighboring provinces of Ningxia and Gansu.

Now, the customer entrust again in Indra to increase the number of controller positions who required for also managing the upper air space of Lanzhou and for reinforcing the management of route and approach services in Xian.

In addition to Xian, the Chengdu ACC manages upper air space traffic for five regions in the south west of the country (Yunnan, Tibet, Chongqing and Guizhou, as well as Sichuan itself, province of which Chengdu is the capital). The center controls an extension comparable to that of all of Western Europe. It is also a key passage area for routes joining Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

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