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Indra wins air traffic control contract in Peru

3 May 2016

Indra has been awarded two new contracts in a public tender run by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to deploy a primary radar at Lima Airport and a 3D tower simulator at the city's air traffic controller training center, for the Corporación Peruana de Aeropuertos y Aviación Comercial (CORPAC).

The new primary radar will be mounted jointly with a mode S secondary radar previously put into service by Indra. However, the latter will be relocated to ensure that CORPAC is able to bolster control over the new runway built as part of the airport's expansion plans. The expansion will practically double the airport's capacity, helping to establish it as one of Latin America's major hubs.

Indra won this new contract after deploying a network of 8 radar stations across Peru, which has been operational since 2011. Deployment of said system came with implementation of an ADS-B surveillance system in Pisco.

As part of said project, awarded to Indra in 2010, the company also renewed the systems used at the control center and control tower at Lima International Airport, as well as building an Air Traffic Controller Training Center in the city, equipped with an en-route air traffic control simulator.

Indra has now been awarded a new contract under which it will provide the same center with an advanced 3D control tower simulator. The system features 360 degree visuals and can simulate virtual aircraft and tower approach maneuvers, as well as pilot-controller communications.

Trainees will thus learn on the same systems that they will find at the Lima tower and control center, and in the main airports of Peru, ensuring that they are entirely familiar with the same and readying them to face complex situations that are impossible to simulate in a real-world environment.

These new contracts see Indra strengthen its already robust relationship with CORPAC as a technology provider. The multinational has partnered with CORPAC to modernize the country's air traffic management infrastructure. CORPAC is now a leading technology firm in the region and a provider of state-of-the-art air navigation services.

The improvements will ensure that air traffic control in Peru exceeds all the quality and security standards demanded by international civil aviation bodies. This also means the country's airports will be able to support greater traffic levels and attract airlines, which will be able to establish operational centers in Peru.

Indra is a leader in the air traffic management market that has conducted projects in 160 countries and has equipped over 4,000 facilities with its systems. In Latin America, all the upper air space in Central America managed by COCESNA is coordinated with Indra technology. In the rest of Latin America, Indra has supplied systems to countries such as Bahamas, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil, and is one of the leading providers of this technology.

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