Indra wins contract to deploy Pacific Ocean ADS-B air traffic surveillance network

14 October 2016

Indra, through its subsidiary in Australia, has been contracted by the nations of Kiribati, Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu, under the Pacific Aviation Investment Program, to supply, install and commission Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) network. The company will also provide operational and maintenance training.

This network, to be installed at eight different sites, will bring seamless ADS-B surveillance coverage to these islands and vastly increase the coverage of the southern Pacific Ocean air traffic.

The ADS-B coverage will greatly enhance the air traffic safety for flights in the region, as well as for long-haul flights between Australia/New Zealand and the Americas.

The contract was awarded to Indra after an international competitive tender. Indra’s offer was judged the better value both technically and commercially, fulfilling the customers’ need for rapid deployment.

Indra has become an important player in the modernization of ATM infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific region, where Indra has already developed several large ATM projects in countries such as China, Mongolia, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia. Indra is present worldwide with over 4,000 Air Traffic Management installations in more than 160 countries.

Indra has developed and tested its ADS-B systems based on the most demanding requisites in the SESAR program framework, the technological backbone around which the Single European Sky will be built. Indra’s system is being also harnessed by Eurocontrol to certify DO-260B transponders and fulfills requisites and recommendations fixed by FAA/RTCA, OACI, EUROCONTROL and EUROCAE

Our ADS-B system has a unique design with three independent reception channels making it more robust in high traffic density conditions. The company is currently also deploying an ADS-B surveillance network that will cover a total of 17 countries in Africa and in the Indian Ocean for ASECNA.

Indra’s subsidiary in Australia offers a wide range of solutions and services to the Defence, Transport & Traffic, Energy and Security sectors. The company is located in Sydney and Newcastle. In its facilities in Sydney it has an ATM Centre of Excellence. Indra in Australia is the main supplier of navigational aids (ILS/DME/DVOR) and secondary radars (MSSR) to Airservices Australia. Other important customers include Airways Corporation of New Zealand, Airports Fiji Ltd., and PNG Airservices Ltd. The company is also currently delivering several Deployable Airspace Traffic Management Control System combined with Indra’s Primary 3D radars for the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and was recently awarded a contract to modernize the railway network security surveillance system for Sydney Trains.

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